preparing for the future through tradition

The Hamburg law firm Sachs has been an independent player for over 20 years without being incorporated into a large international law firm.

This independece puts the law firm Sachs in a position to protect our clients’ interests regardless of other, regional clients.

Short, efficient chains of communication and personal dialog with the highly specialized owners make it possible for our clients to efficiently protect their legal interests.

Less is more.

This is why we offer advice exclusively within the framework of the following fields

  • Competition law regarding foodstuffs, drugs and medical products
  • Drug advertising law
  • Food and drug law
  • Tenancy law
  • Labor law
  • Contract law
  • Mergers & acquisitions

With this homepage, we would like inform all our clients as well as all prospective future clientele about our fields of interest, our consulting philosophy as well as our past experience.


Even when it comes to legal issues, it is above all essential to take the right and forward-looking decisions at the right time.

Both owners of the law firm Sachs have worked in large businesses and, thanks to their experience gleaned there, are able to identify with industrial enterprises¹chains of cummunication, which are frequently based on strategic considerations.

Europe is becoming more and more tightly knit. In light of this development, the law firm Sachs was quick to successfully integrate into their consulting the various EU guidelines governing the product- and advertising-related advice that it offers to its clients.

The commitment to Europe forms the basis of a network of international partners that enables the law firm Sachs to operate rapidly, unbureaucratically and economically in all of Europe¹s and America¹s most important economic zones.


The focus of attorney Joachim Sachs‘ activities, are the areas of competition law for foodstuffs, drugs and medical products.

Thanks to a second degree in business management, he is also well versed with the conceptual visions common to the advertising industry.

He has held posts as product manager, head of marketing, authorized signatory and CEO for a number of pharmaceutical manufactures, and for years has been maintaining national an international M & A contacts.


Attorney Christel Sachs, worked for 8 years in the central legal department of one of the largest life insurers in the Federal Republic of Germany, specializing in the fields of industrial and private tenancy law, contract law and labor law.

In 1982, she founded the law office.

Since its formation, she has represented a number of different companies from the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs and insurance sectors.


Merger & aquisitions:

the purchase and sale of shareholding or licenses are common economic instruments of a company’s business policy, used to achieve its strategic goals and in order to survive in a competitive environment.

No other business process is of greater importance.

That is why inididual consulting and a discrete commencement of negotiations plays a decisive role in determining whether a transaction interests.

After all, it is committed staff that really lay the foundations of any company’s value and they should therefore be integrated into all future strategies sensibly and in good time.


The owners and employees of the law firm Sachs are eager and always interested in keeping abreast of and actively participating in the discussion and development of new legal practices, in particular within the European Union.

Identifying with the interests of the clients promotes awareness of how important it is to constantly further one¹s own expertise.

After all, only those who continually improve themselves can really claim to be good.

But learning and achieving have to be balanced in some why. That is why we are actively involved in the world of art. The law firm Sachs hosts art events, at which clients are also able to meet renowned artits.

At the same time, works by these artists create an inspirational atmosphere for individual consulting, which in turn forms the basis for the above-average success of the law firm Sachs.